General Tabs

There are several tabs present on the left side of the screen when you open Labvanced. These tabs contain information about files, your account, and notifications about your studies.


The Dashboard tab shows all the notifications associated with your account. This is where you will see invitations to collaborate with other researchers, updates about new recordings for your published studies, recently created studies, activities, and studies that have been recently added to the public experiment library.


My Studies

The My Studies tab is where you can create, import, and edit all of your studies.


Shared Studies

The Shared Studies tab shows all of the studies that have been shared with you that you have accepted the invitation to edit. This tab has the same functionality as the My Studies tab, with the additional option to copy any Shared Studies to your personal account. You cannot delete studies from this tab.

shared studies


The Files tab contains a folder for each study. Shown in each folder are all of the media files used in the study. This is also where you will find any participant recordings, which are grouped in folders according to Subject ID. Right-clicking on the folders will bring up options to download, rename, delete, and edit the settings of the directories (folders). Right-clicking on the files inside the folders will give you the option to delete or rename files.



The Library tab opens the Labvanced Library. This is a public database of studies that have been published and whose creators have decided to share them with other Labvanced users. If you own a paid license plan, you can import studies from other researchers to participate in or to use as templates (if the creator has allowed it). Free users can only download templates created by the Labvanced team.

My Account

The My Account tab shows all of the information relating to your account. This includes your license plan, the features associated with this plan, and how much of your license quota you have used up to this point. If you are the owner of a Group license, you can also see the users that have been added to the license and their statistics, such as the number of studies published and the number of new datasets recorded in the past 90 days.


Open Study Menu

This menu is only active if you have recently opened a study. It will display the tabs that allow you to edit a selected study.