Features of the Library

Information in the Library is organized by study and includes the name of the author, keywords associated with the study, and more.

Study Information in the Library

  • Id: the unique numeric code associated with every study.
  • Author Name: the username of the person who created the study.
  • Study Name: the name of the study.
  • Affiliations: the university or company that the author is working from.
  • Keywords: words used to describe the study.
  • Category/Branch: the specific branch (or branches) of psychology that the study falls under.
  • Date of Publication: the date that the study was published.
  • Popularity/Likes: the number of "likes" that the study has been given.

The Library has a general searchbar and an Advanced Search window to help users find studies specific to their university, research areas, or demographic interests.

Users can find specific studies by filling out one or more of the fields in the Advanced Search window. Adding more specifics will narrow down the list of studies that are returned by the search.

  • Study Name
  • Keyword
  • Labvanced Username
  • Author Name
  • Affiliation
  • Study ID
  • Category/Branch
  • Publication Date From
  • Publication Date To
  • Eye Tracking
  • Multiuser Study
  • Longitudinal Study
  • Allowed Devices
  • Allowed Browsers
  • Required Sensors
  • Required First Language
  • Required Location
  • Age (Min)
  • Age (Max)
  • Required Gender
  • Import Allowed

advanced search window