Functions of the Library

When you click on a study in the Library, a window will appear with information: library study

Within this window you can also:

  • Participate: try the study as a participant. Your anonymous data will be sent to the researcher.
  • Import: save a copy of the study to your own account. You can then make edits to your copy and use it to inform your own research.
    • NOTE: please provide credit to the original creator of the study when applicable. Remember, when importing a study from another user, the study is considered intellectual property of the original creator. Therefore, do NOT republish a study that you did not create.
    • Importing studies is a great way to learn new techniques and designs that can be applied to your own studies!
  • Inspect: Opens the Study Design tab and allows you to view the design and settings of the study without importing to your account.
  • Like: If you like the design and/or idea of the study, please give it a "like" to support open science and your fellow Labvanced researchers!
    • Note: You can only like each study 1 time.

At the bottom of the study window, you can see if a researcher has added any references. These are papers that their study is based on so that other users can do further research on their own.

Please see the information about the Description tab for best practices when sharing a study to the Library.