Features of the Sample Studies Page

The Sample Studies page is organized into tables that allow you to find the best study for your research.

Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can filter studies by name, cognitive function, keyword, or description. This will search through all of the tables on the page and present you with the matching results within each table. The search applies to any and all columns in the tables, so you can see as many results as applicable.

search bar

If there are no matching results within a table, the table itself will not appear on the page. To reset, simply erase the word from the search bar and press Enter.

Note: the queried word will not be highlighted within the tables, this was done to show function.


Paradigms are implementations of the most well known and established experiments in psychology, organized by subdisciplines. These studies are a great place to start if you are looking for a particular existing paradigm, or if you just want to browse through some complete examples of what you can do with Labvanced.

There are 7 Labvanced psychology use casesopen in new window defined in this category, each corresponding to a branch of psychology:

  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive & Neuro
  • Developmental & Educational
  • Personality & Social
  • Clinical & Health
  • Sports & Movement
  • Marketing & Consumer

paradigm table


Demos are “how-to” examples of Labvanced single features and functionalities. While they are not complete experimental studies, you can use and import them as a walkthrough explanation of a given feature. They are an interactive type of documentation.

demo table

If you are struggling to implement a feature or just want more information, these are great studies to import and work with.


Add-ons are studies that use interesting ideas and an advanced set of Labvanced features in creative ways or to solve complex problems. Oftentimes, add-ons are short self-contained tasks that you can import into your study to realize or augment a certain functionality.

add ons

If you are looking to add a function or specific task to your study, you will likely find it in this table. Soem popular examples of add-ons are headphone checks (to test if a participant is wearing headphones) and bot checks (to test if a participant is paying attention and/or is not a robot).