Functions of the Sample Studies Page

The sample studies page offers similar functions as the experiment library. When you click on a study, this card will appear:

study card

This contains useful information about the study.

Basic Information

  • Author: the username of the person who created the study.
  • Affiliation: in parentheses underneath the author. The university, company, or group that the author identifies as part of.
  • Description: the author's written description of the study.
  • Keywords: words used to describe the design and goals of the study.
  • Category/Branch: the branch(es) of psychology that the study falls under.
  • Number of Imports: the number of times that the study has been imported. This counts across all users, not just you!
  • Participation time: how long it takes to participate in this study.
  • Study Language: the language that the study is written in.

Advanced Information

  • Special Features: Tells if the study uses any of the following:
    • Eyetracking
    • Multiple users
    • Longitudinal design
  • Demographic Participation Requirements: gives more details about required participation criteria:
    • First language
    • Location
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Other Requirements: gives details about the system that participants can use to participate in the study:
    • Allowed Devices
    • Allowed Browsers
    • Required Sensors (such as a webcam, microphone, etc.)
  • "Thumbs Up" Icon: shows the number of times the study has been liked by users


There are several clickable buttons on the study card.

  • Participate: allows you to participate in the study.
  • Import: makes a copy of the study (including all events and stimuli) in your account.
  • Inspect: allows you to see the study design and tasks without fully importing the study.
  • Like: allows you to give the study a like. You can only like a study once, but you may like as many studies as you see fit. This helps support researchers, so please utilize this feature if you enjoyed a study!

All studies on this page have either been created by Labvanced or have been created by a user and approved by the team. If you have a study that you think would be a good fit for the page, reach out to us with your name and the study ID!