Labvanced Research Grant Program

Research Grant Program

Thinking about growing your research and want to present your findings at a research conference? Then our Research Grant Program may be for you!

One of our goals here at Labvanced is to foster a community where outstanding and cutting-edge research across the many fields of psychology is valued and recognized. For this, we appreciate input from organizations, researchers, and students alike. One of the best ways to create this environment is to offer opportunities to collaborate with us on a scientific basis. Our goal with the Research Grant Program is to support best-in-class research(ers) and also demonstrate the huge variety and potential of an online-first approach to human subject research.

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Are you interested in creating a remote research project using Labvanced? With our new Researach Grant Program, students can gain experience in a wide variety of areas:

  • Experimental research design across various psychology disciplines
  • Cutting-edge online technologies
  • Professional data analysis
  • Scientific poster creation and thesis writing

You will receive guidance as you design, build, run, and analyze data from a remote psychology study using Labvanced prepare to present it at a conference.

Researcher Benefits

There are several benefits to participating in a mentored research program, including:

  • Resume builder
  • Collaboration and supervision from experts in your field of psychology
  • Certificate of completion
  • Endorsement on LinkedIn
  • Become a Labvanced Ambassador for your university
  • Professional assistance in creating a poster, as well as practice presenting a poster to disseminate your research

Labvanced Research Grant Program

Type of Applicants

For this research program, applicants of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Here are some examples to know if you are a fit:

  1. Want to strengthen your research profile and experience
  2. Want to present your remote psychology research at a conference of your choice
  3. Are majoring in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Health Science, Social Science, Marketing, Economics, or some other related field.
  4. Are an undergraduate or postgraduate student
  5. Are able to complete project work independently with some guidance

Research Grant Benefits

Aside from mentoring benefits, this grant program also has many financial benefits for students, totaling over $1000 USD:

  • This program is free to participate
  • Receive 3 months of a Labvanced Single Researcher license subscription (worth $425 USD)
  • Study participants are provided (up to $300 USD worth)
  • Present at a conference with conference fee paid up to $300 USD (does not include room, board, or travel fees)

Expected Outcomes

The student who successfully completes the Labvanced Research Grant Program is expected to have:

  • A completed research study with analyzed data sets
  • A poster that details the study and draws conclusions from the data
  • Acceptance to a conference to present the completed poster if desired and approved by advisor

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Company Benefits

Our goal at Labvanced is to support cutting edge research and to provide opportunities for students to receive grant funding and propel their careers forward. With your participation in our Research Grant Program, these are the benefits that Labvanced receives from your participation in the program:

  • We gain a point of contact at your university (that's you!)
  • We can advertise your participation as well as the number of Ambassadors we have around the world
  • Increased visibility of our platform and how it can be used
  • Your voluntary support to answer and guide others in the Labvanced community

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Research Grant Program Timeline

The Labvanced Research Grant Program will run for 3 months, beginning on the day of Meeting 1. The conference presentation may happen outside of this 3 month period, as long as it occurs within 1 year from the day the program begins. The time in between Meeting 0 and Meeting 1 can be up to 6 weeks of preparation.

Program Timeline: 3 months

  • Meeting 0: Introduction
    • Discuss your goals, expectations, interests, and reasonable meeting schedule
    • Establish your proficiency in using Labvanced. Some suggestions can be made about how to improve or increase proficiency quickly.
    • Discuss ideas for projects. If applicable, discuss the project idea submitted in the application form in greater detail
  • Prior to Meeting 1:
    • Submit full project proposal in greater detail
    • Project is approved with/without proposed changes and agree on meeting time for Meeting 1
  • Meeting 1: Program officially starts
    • Your account is upgraded to Premium.
    • Discuss outline of project, discuss experimental designs
    • Agree on reasonable timeline for deliverable materials
  • Subsequent meetings to be determined based on mutual needs and availability
  • Conference presentation
    • Date TBD based on your availability
  • Debrief meeting
    • Program wrap-up

While the Timeline is designed to give you the best experience and flexibility, there may be instances when deviations from the timeline are necessary.

Program Handbook

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline?

  • The application process for this research grant program is open all year round. You can apply at any point through the year. Also, when filling out the application form, you can indicate when you want to begin the program, whether that’s immediately or in 6 months or so from the day of your application.

Do I have to be accepted to present at a conference within the 3 months of my program?

  • No, the conference can be within a year from being accepted to the program. However, the study, data analysis, and poster must be completed within the 3 month program.

What happens if I cannot complete my project in 3 months?

  • Participants are expected to complete their projects in 3 months. However, performance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Can I do a study based on my own idea instead of one of the provided options?

  • Yes! If you come to the program with an idea for research, you may discuss the feasibility of this idea with your mentor.
    • Note: If you have already completed a project using Labvanced, we can modify the aspects of the Research Grant Program to reflect this. You will still apply to receive the benefits of the program, including conference registration!

Can I participate in the Research Grant Program using a project that I am completing as part of my degree in university?

  • Yes, we can accept Bachelor or Master Theses projects as well as other projects conducted in an undergraduate degree. Funding of PhD projects or projects conducted as a PostDoc will requite additional justification of the personal funding situation, as well as an outstanding level of scientific excellence.

I am a Principle Investigator and am curious about this grant program for my students. Can I have more information?

  • All information is available in the Program Handbook which is available upon request. Additional questions can be directed via email to [email protected] with the subject header "Research Grant Program."

Is this an internship?

  • While the Labvanced Research Grant Program offers some degree of collaboration and mentorship, it is not a psychology internship per se. Internships usually have clear tasks and orders, like a taste of the job environment. The Labvanced Research Grant Program does have some similarities with an internship, for example there are some financial benefits and support from psychology experts through remote meetings. However, the work is completed largely independently with some advice and input as needed.