Careers / Open Positions

How is it to work for Labvanced?

As a company Labvanced is a bootstrapped and profitable startup, which means we have a lot of freedom in our choices and we move very quickly without having to do a lot of reporting. Our approach is to a) closely follow the feedback and suggestions from our (power) users to make sure we develop only what is actually needed and b) implement cutting edge techniques and methodologies to stay ahead of other players in the field. Also important is that we are completely remote since day one (in 2017). Hence, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals, which are happy to work in a fast-paced startup environment, from wherever you feel most comfortable and productive to work. So working with us is a lot of fun, but will also involve unique and interesting challenges along the way. As we are still a young and agile company, there is a lot of freedom and a strong opportunity to grow within the company as well as on a professional level for all our employees.

Open Positions

We have recruited serveral peoople over the recent weeks and months and hence we have no open positions available at the moment. However, we are welcoming spontaneous applications. So if you think that you are strong candidate please send a (1-2 page) CV and a (max 1 page) cover letter to [email protected].

Bachelor/Master Thesis & Internships

For BA/MA theses we can offer a (Co-)Supervision by the University of Osnabrueck (Prof. Peter K├Ânig) or the TU Berlin (Prof. Klaus Gramann) based on the topic and scope. If you are interested please contact us with a short (1-2 page) academic CV and a (max 1 page) cover letter.

Including Virtual Reality in Labvanced

VR is an exciting new technology for both research and industry applications. Interestingly, Unity as one of the main platforms for creating VR content allows to export to a web format. Hence, the goal of this project is to write an interface in the Labvanced platform that allows users to easily include their VR content files from Unity and threby run 3D and VR content direcly within the Labvanced platform. This project will require good knowledge in Javascript and an overall good understanding of programming pricnciples. The ideal candidate should therefore have a background in computer science or a related field.

Your own project?

Overall, we are very much interested in medical/clinical applications/tests as well as new ways to detect physiological or metabolic signals in a remote/online setup. If you have an interesting idea in this regard and want to use an online platform such as Labvanced to test this out, we are very happy to talk about it.