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What is Labvanced?

Record Complex Behavior with Simple Design.

Intuitive Visual Editor

Building a state-of-the-art online experiment does not need to be difficult! With our editor you can visually create and run any experiment without needing to write a single line of code. The Labvanced experiment editor is built based on design principles from Experimental Psychology, which means you'll understand the system in a short time! All of your experiments structure is visible at a glance and you can play the current task to test how this looks for the participant.

Powerful Event System

The event system enables you to create powerful interactions and dynamics within your experiment. To define an event, you can listen for user input, variable changes, audio and video events, and more. Then, simply define the actions to determine what should happen: change stimuli, read or write variables, jump to a different part of the study, and many further options. Combining triggers and actions allows for infinite complexity with a simple to use interface.

Precise Reaction Times

Labvanced implements the current best-practices for recording reaction times in the most accurate way, But we don't stop there! In fact, we go beyond by using the intelligent caching of binary files, dynamic pre-rendering of all DOM content, frame onset correction based on requestAnimationFrame(), hardware performance tests, and passive recording of the JavaScript event-loop precision. Importantly, a 3rd party recently confirmed our superior methodology in this peer-reviewed publication.

Advanced Calibration Techniques

Our calibration measures go above and beyond what other online platforms offer. With Labvanced, you can determine much more regarding the experimental parameters and the participant's online environment. Our calibration techniques include measurements of physical screen size (inch/mm), distance to screen (inch/mm), screen refresh rate (hz), CPU and CPU performance (calc/sec), whether the participant is wearing headphones (yes/no), and much more. All these parameters can be either passively recorded or used as participant inclusion criteria.

Superior Eye-Tracking Technology

It is no overstatement to say that our eye-tracking technology (100% built by us) is by far the most accurate and capable webcam eye-tracking solution available on the market today. If you've only tried Webgazer or a Webgazer-based system so far, you will be surprised by the difference! Our solution finally offers researchers the powerful opportunity to go beyond standard behavioral measures for online experiments. Find out more here and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, as our eye-tracking white paper will be published soon!

Flexible Audio, Video & Screen Recordings

If you aim to record precise audio or video files, using the webcam or the microphone of participants in a GDPR compliant way, then you can easily achieve that with our system. You can even record the whole screen of the participant if that matches your experimental requirements. For audio recordings we offer both uncompressed (.wav) and size efficient (.mp3) encoding formats, and all binary files can be end-to-end (PGP) encrypted for maximal data security and data privacy.

User-Friendly Longitudinal Studies

Longitudinal studies offer deep insights into the progress and performance of subjects over time. Labvanced has several built-in mechanisms to re-identify subjects in an anonymous way, i.e. using a self generated token, or using external identifiers such as the PROLIFIC_PID, provided by our partners at Prolific. Importantly, our system then sends out several reminder emails at customizable time slots to improve return rates in longitudinal designs.

Innovative Multi User Studies

Multi-user studies, often also called multiplayer studies, are studies in which 2 or more people perform a task together. Prisoner's Dilemma or the Public Goods Game are two standard examples here, but with our system you can go way beyond that by transferring any kind of data between subjects and building truly interactive tests or even games. Our system takes care of synchronizing state/variables between people automatically, so you can just focus on building the content.

Offline, Lab Application & API's

After you finish building the experiment, running the study online on our platform is only one out of several possibilities. For studies that need to run offline, we offer a lab/offline version. Also, using a local setup, you have the option of connecting Labvanced with external devices, such as EEGs, ECGs, GSRs, or eye-tracking hardware. A third option is to collect data online, but directly stream the data from the participant to your own server using our recording REST-API.

Built-in Translations

Labvanced serves customers from all over the world. Hence, there are multiple functions to translate and customize to language-specific requirements. We have automated translations for all of our 200+ system messages into 8 main languages. You can modify all of these translations to customize any message or even add a new language. Furthermore, you can also add translations for your own tasks so that people can choose their preferred language and get customized translations for all content provided.


Labvanced in 3 Minutes


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    Testimonial Dr. Katrin Starcke
    "The possibility to run the same experiment with different groups and the automated randomization was very helpful for us. I also liked the possibility of password-protecting the experiment, which allows us to directly invite the participants which we would also invite in-lab."

    Dr. Katrin Starcke

    Berlin University of Applied Sciences
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    Testimonial Dr. Malte Woestmann
    "For those who are very conservative or not convinced of the power of Labvanced: just try it! It is so easy to set up a small study and send it to a handful of pilot subjects. Just try it out, it is fun to see the data come in so quickly."

    Dr. Malte Woestmann

    University of Luebeck
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    Testimonial Prof.Alexander Edeling
    "It's very rewarding once you have the gist of it. It's kind of a little bit like magic after some time. It takes some time to get to this point but once you are there, then it's really very nice and very satisfying."

    Prof. Alexander Edeling

    KU Leuven

Use Cases

Labvanced for students


Students love using Labvanced because of its user-friendliness, the great customer support we offer, and the time it saves them from learning a coding language. Joining the Labvanced community helps students get one step closer to completing their theses.

Labvanced for researchers

Single Researchers

From presenting stimuli to tracking reaction times and eye movements, Labvanced makes online studies faster and more insightful for professional researchers. This helps them to finish projects sooner and accelerate their careers.

Labvanced for research groups

Research Groups

Labvanced can greatly improve research and teaching of whole departments. Each researcher can run their own study or collaborate with other members during study creation. Also, Labvanced is a great tool to teach students experimental design in a hands-on fashion.

Labvanced for behavioral psychology

Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychologists use Labvanced to study how stimuli and behavioral responses are paired using various experimental features available through our online experimental platform, like audio and video stimuli, reaction times, and demographic surveys.

Labvanced for cognitive & neuropsychology

Cognitive & Neuropsychology

Cognitive and Neuropsychology cover a wide range of topics, including attention, working memory, and perception. Use our Eye-tracking, complex randomizations, and highly interactive experiments to study the depths of the human mind.

Labvanced for developmental psychology

Developmental Psychology

From toddlers to the elderly, participants of all ages can be tested with Labvanced. Researchers in developmental psychology profit from our infant-friendly and adjustable eye-tracking, from many available templates to not having to invite these challenging subject groups to the lab.

Labvanced for social psychology

Personality & Social Psychology

Online studies can be designed to capture a wide range of topics, from surveys that study personality to multi-user studies for assessing choices in a social setting. Participants enjoy the Labvanced platform because they can complete experiments at their convenience.

Our Customer Support

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Testimonial Dr. Mireia Marimon
"I contacted the Labvanced support through LiveChat and Email several times and all I can say about the Labvanced support team is that it's incredibly fast, easy to reach and solved all my problems so far.""

Dr. Mireia Marimon

University of Potsdam
Labvanced FAQs


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Answers to your most important questions

Can I use Labvanced for free? Are there limitations?

Yes, you can use Labvanced completely for free but of course there are some limitations. Experiment creation will be unlimited and without any restrictions as long as you do not use more than 300MB of storage space. You can test-record as much as you want, but online recordings are limited to 10 subjects (data sets) per month. Further recordings will then be locked, but they can be unlocked for a fee. Joint experiment creation/collaboration and external data storage are not available in the free version, and study imports are limited to Labvanced studies/templates only. In short, you might be able to use it completely for free if you have more time (a few months) for the data collection or only need a very few subjects. Otherwise, the free version is a great way to familiarize yourself, before making a decision to buy a single or group license. There are also special discounts for Bachelor and Master students! Find out more about our pricing.

How can I be sure that the platform is capable of creating my experiment?

We are 99.99% sure that the answer to this question is YES it is possible because we have almost never seen a paradigm that cannot be realized with our system. Importantly, our Sample Studies Page provides you with over 30 complete paradigm studies, feature demos, and other resources that you can directly use/import to find out if your idea is workable with our system. Even more studies and resources are available in our Public Experiment Library, filled with hundreds of previous studies from other researchers. This will give you a good idea of the flexibility of Labvanced and the range of studies that are possible to create. If you have checked that and are still not sure if your idea can be accomplished with Labvanced, just reach out to us via the Live-Chat. We are always happy to help!

Can Labvanced staff help me create my study? What level of support can I expect?

First and foremost, we try to help every user be successful in building their study, irrespective of the license they have. That said, the main portion of study creation must (in most cases) be completely carried out by you. If you want us to build it for you, it will incur additional costs of 50 Euro/hour of work we put into it. Furthermore, it is important to mention that the general level of support we can provide also depends on your commitment to us, i.e. the type of license you have. We will try to help all users by answering the Live-Chat requests and emails, but at times when we are busy, we have to prioritize based on user licenses. For instance, for group license owners, we give free bi-yearly consultation sessions, and in general we try to fix problems for them by actively supervising studies and logging into their experiments if required. This cannot be done for all users at all times.

What makes Labvanced different from other online platforms?

The main strength of our platform is the simultaneous combination of user-friendliness and offering powerful technological features. Labvanced is built around concepts and terminology of experimental psychology, so it will be especially easy for psychologists to pick up on how things work. Furthermore, we are a team of technology enthusiasts, committed to pushing the boundaries of what kind of online experiments are possible. The best example of this is our self-built webcam eye-tracking technology, with an improvement of 300-400% in accuracy compared to existing technologies like Webgazer.

Where do I find publications/previous work using Labvanced? How can I cite Labvanced?

We try to stay up to date regarding people citing our platform, and we are nearing a total of 100 citations from peer-reviewed journals! However not every work is published and some people also forgot to cite us in the past. A recent overview of citations mentioning Labvanced can be found here (please let us know if we missed your study/publication on the list). There, you will also find a publication that can be used to cite us / Labvanced as a platform. Even more importantly, we are currently preparing two new manuscripts (expected publication dates are Q4 2022 and Q1 2023). These two important studies will review all of our platform's features and our cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, respectively. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

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