Students early on in their academic and research careers enjoy Labvanced because it helps them reach their goals and publish their thesis.


  • Educational aspect: If you use Labvanced, you will learn experimental design in a straightforward and intuitive manner. Move beyond textbooks and learn design through real experiments, giving you a real hands-on approach as you get data and watch your experiment grow.

  • Design elements: From trials to conditions and factors, Labvanced offers you all the design elements that you need to build your professional experiment. Understanding and using these elements will help you truly grasp how experiments work, from constants to balancing to randomization, your design can meet high standards.


  • By your side: With Labvanced, you can create, launch, and publish your experiment so that you can run your project whenever you need to. From pandemics to summer periods, you can use Labvanced to answer your research question with our fast and affordable platform.

  • For thesis writing: Reach your thesis goals faster by designing an experiment and collecting data online. Come up with an experimental design, implement it, then get data and analyze!

Relevant License Types

Special student discount pricing available for paid plans.

  • About the Free Licenseopen in new window: Run 1 study with 10 recordings included, ideal for Bachelor’s and Master’s students
  • Top-up recordings: After using the 10 recordings in the Free License, you can top-up your account with more recordings as you continue acquiring data.
  • 1-3 months unlimited option: Some students that collect a lot of data go for our unlimited data option with the license lasting 1-3 months, depending on their needs.
    • Ideal for master’s thesis candidates that work with lots participants.