Introduction to the Labvanced Guide

The Labvanced platform consists of various functions to create, run, and share online experiments and psychological studies directly in the browser. The different functions are separated into various sections or tabs. You can navigate between these tabs by using the navigation panel of the left side of the screen. New studies can either be created by adding a new (empty) study in the "My Studies" tab or by looking through the Experiment Library to find a suitable template study as a starting point. After creating/importing the study you can make use of the "Study Design" and the "Task Editor" tabs to add and adjust the experimental content and logic.

Using the "Study Settings" tab, you can perform actions like customizing the experiment startup, changing browser and device settings, and a few more general settings.

The "Description" tab can be used to add information regarding participation in the study, including study title, participation time, keywords, and related publications.

The "Variables" tab provides an overview about all variables used in the study.

The "Translate" tab can be used to create multilingual studies.

To perform local test runs (with or without data recordings) you can use the "Run" tab.

Once you have completed the the study implementation and test recordings, you can generate participation links via the "Publish & Record" tab to recruit subject worldwide over the internet. To share your study with your colleagues, and/or the whole community, use the "Sharing" tab.

Once the data is recorded you can inspect and download it using the "Dataview & Export" tab. There are some further tabs in the navigation panel, which are related to your account, license, profile, etc.