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Finger, H., Goeke, C., Diekamp, D., Standvoß, K., & König, P. (2017). LabVanced: a unified JavaScript framework for online studies. In International Conference on Computational Social Science (Cologne).

Research Papers

Towards efficient calibration for webcam eye-tracking in online experiments

Saxena, S., Lange, E., & Fink, L. (2022)

ETRA '22: 2022 Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications

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Effects of non-adjacent letter repetition in the same-different matching task

Mirault, J., Massol, S., & Grainger, J. (2022)

Language, Cognition and Neuroscience

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Comparing Online Webcam- and Laboratory-Based Eye-Tracking for the Assessment of Infants’ Audio-Visual Synchrony Perception

Banki, A., de Eccher, M., Falschlehner, L., Hoehl, S., & Markova, G. (2022)

Frontiers in Psychology

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Fast priming of grammatical decisions: repetition and transposed-word priming effects

Mirault, J. & Grainger, J. (2022)

Royal Society Open Science

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Positional cueing, string location variability, and letter-in-string identification

Yeaton, J. & Grainger, J. (2022)

Acta Psychologica

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The Evolution of Ambiguity in Sender—Receiver Signaling Games

Mühlenbernd, R., Wacewicz, S., & Żywiczyński, P. (2022).

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Effects of traffic context on eHMI icon comprehension

Eisele, D., & Petzoldt, T. (2022).

Transportation Research

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Sequential versus simultaneous presentation of memoranda in verbal working memory: (How) does it matter?

Ordonez Magro, L., Mirault, J., Grainger, J., & Majerus, S. (2022).

Memory & Cognition

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Take a breath: Respiratory sounds improve recollection in synthetic speech

Elmers, M., Werner, R., Muhlack, B., Möbius, B., & Trouvain, J. (2021).


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Emotion Modulation through Music after Sadness Induction—The Iso Principle in a Controlled Experimental Study

Starcke, K., Mayr, J., & von Georgi, R. (2021).

International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health

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Small-range numerical representations of linguistic sounds in 9- to 10-month-old infants

Benavides-Varela, S., & Reoyo-Serrano, N. (2021).


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Orthographic relatedness and transposed-word effects in the grammatical decision task

Mirault, J., Leflaëc, C., & Grainger, J. (2021).

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

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Age-Related Differences in the Perception of Eye-Gaze from a Social Robot

Morillo, L., Schrooten, M. G., Loutfi, A., & Mozos, O. M. (2021).

International Conference on Social Robotics

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Children’s Learning of Non-adjacent Dependencies Using a Web-Based Computer Game Setting

Marimon, M., Hofmann, A., Veríssimo, J., Männel, C., Friederici, A. D., Höhle, B., & Wartenburger, I. (2021).

Frontiers in Psychology

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The McGurk effect in the time of pandemic: Age-dependent adaptation to an environmental loss of visual speech cues

Chládková, K., Podlipský, V. J., Nudga, N., & Šimáčková, Š. (2021).

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

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Positive emotion enhances conflict processing in preschoolers

Berger, P., & Grosse Wiesmann, C. (2021).

Developmental Science

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The effect of verbal priming of visual attention styles in 4- to 9-year-old children

Jurkat, S., Gruber, M., & Kärtner, J. (2021).


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Temporal Stability and Effect Dynamics Between Executive Functions, Perceived Chronic Stress, and Hair Cortisol Concentrations

Weckesser, L. J., Schmidt, K., Möschl, M., Kirschbaum, C., Enge, S., & Miller, R. (2021).

Developmental Psychology

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Personality captures dissociations of subjective versus objective hearing in noise

Wöstmann, M., Erb, J., Kreitewolf, J., & Obleser, J. (2021).

Royal Society Open Science

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The role of motor inhibition in implicit negation processing: two Go/NoGo behavioral studies.

Montalti, M., Calbi, M., Umiltà, M. A., Gallese, V., & Cuccio, V. (2021).

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Revisiting recall effects of filler particles in German and English

Muhlack, B., Elmers, M., Drenhaus, H., Trouvain, J., van Os, M., Werner, R., ... & Möbius, B. (2021)


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Circadian Fluctuations in Glucocorticoid Levels Predict Perceptual Discrimination Sensitivity

Obleser, J., Kreitewolf, J., Vielhauer, R., Lindner, F., David, C., Oster, H., & Tune, S. (2021).

Cell Press

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Song Is More Memorable Than Speech Prosody: Discrete Pitches Aid Auditory Working Memory

Haiduk, F., Quigley, C., & Fitch, W. (2020).

Frontiers in Psychology

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The Development of Context-Sensitive Attention in Urban and Rural Brazil

Mavridis, P., Kärtner, J., Cavalcante, L. I. C., Resende, B., Schuhmacher, N., & Köster, M. (2020).

Frontiers in Psychology

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Self-regulation is negatively associated with habit tendencies: A validation of the German Creature of Habit Scale

Overmeyer, R., Fürtjes, S., Ersche, K. D., Ehrlich, S., & Endrass, T. (2020).

Personality and Individual Differences

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Automatic and Controlled Processing: Implications for Eating Behavior

Fürtjes, S., King, J. A., Goeke, C., Seidel, M., Goschke, T., Horstmann, A., & Ehrlich, S. (2020).


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Aberrant Perceptual Judgments on Speech-Relevant Acoustic Features in Hallucination-Prone Individuals

Erb, J., Kreitewolf, J., Pinheiro, A. P., & Obleser, J. (2020).

Schizophrenia Bulletin Open

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Evaluating Medical Devices Remotely: Current Methods and Potential Innovations

McLaughlin, A. C., DeLucia, P. R., Drews, F. A., Vaughn-Cooke, M., Kumar, A., Nesbitt, R. R., & Cluff, K. (2020).

Human Factors

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Remote binding counts: measuring distractor-response binding effects online

Moeller, B., & Frings, C. (2020). Psychological Research

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Working-memory disruption by task-irrelevant talkers depends on degree of talker familiarity

Kreitewolf, J., Wöstmann, M., Tune, S., Plöchl, M., & Obleser, J. (2019).

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

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The Role of Self-regulation in the Association between Habitual Tendencies with Impulsivity and Compulsivity

Overmeyer, R., Fürtjes, S., Ersche, K., Ehrlich, S., & Endrass, T. (2019).


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Moral judgements on the actions of self-driving cars and human drivers in dilemma situations from different perspectives.

Kallioinen, N., Pershina, M., Zeiser, J., Nosrat Nezami, F., Stephan, A., Pipa, G., & König, P. (2019).

Frontiers in Psychology

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Lowering the barrier for successful replication and evaluation

Lücke-Tieke, H., Beuth, M., Schader, P., May, T., Bernard, J., & Kohlhammer, J. (2018).

IEEE Evaluation and Beyond-Methodological Approaches for Visualization

Doi: 10.1109/BELIV.2018.8634201open in new window

Development of a common format of questionnaire tests for a web-based platform of population and experimental psychological research

Nikulchev, E., Ilin, D., Kolyasnikov, P., Ismatullina, V., & Zakharov, I. (2018).

ITM Web of Conferences

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Irrelevant speech disrupts memory more when spoken by a familiar talker

Kreitewolf, J., Wöstmann, M., Tune, S., Plöchl, M., & Obleser, J. (2018).


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Theses & Student Projects

Comparing Performance Between Online and In-Person Research with an Audiovisual Experimental Paradigm

Soma Tsutsuse, K., Vibell, J., & Sinnett, S. (2022).

University of Hawai'i at Manoa in new window

Evaluating the effect of pauses on the number recollection in synthesized speech

Elmers, M., Werner, R., Muhlack, B., Möbius, B., & Trouvain, J. (2021).

Saarland University in new window

The effects of musical instrument gender on spoken word recognition

Cox, B. (2021).

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The Influence of Impression Formation in the Relationship between Competition, Goal Orientation, and Performance

Craig, A. (2021).

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Crosslinguistic influence in L3 acquisition: Evidence for non-facilitative transfer from the acquisition of resultatives in L3 Spanish

Kardos, E., Janosy, M., Petho, G., Szavo, A. (2021).

University of Debrecen in new window

The production of L3 stop-initial words by Spanish/English bilinguals

Parrish, K.

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Going Through the Motions: Evaluating the Impact of Task, Device and Platform on Mouse-Tracking Derived Measures of Decision Difficulty

Ouellette Zuk, A.A.

University of Alberta in new window

How Dark Patterns Are Affecting Online Consumers Booking Behaviors?

Guerrini, M. (2020).

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A Comparative Study of Two Vocabulary Activities for Indonesian Language Learners

Hughes, R.L. (2020).

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in new window

Auditory selective attention and performance in high variability phonetic training: The perception of Portuguese stops by Chinese L2 learners

Moreira de Oliveira, D. (2020).

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Speeded Multi-Attribute Decision Making under Certainty

Karvelas, I. (2017).

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A Novel Gaze Input System Based on Iris Tracking With Webcam Mounted Eyeglasses.

Yildiz, M., & Yorulmaz, M. (2021).

Interacting with Computers

Doi: 10.1093/iwc/iwab022open in new window

Online Data Collection in Auditory Perception and Cognition Research: Recruitment, Testing, Data Quality and Ethical Considerations.

Eerola, T., Armitage, J., Lavan, N., & Knight, S. (2021).

Auditory Perception & Cognition

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How to Run Behavioural Experiments Online: Best practice suggestions for cognitive psychology and neuroscience

Gagné, N., & Franzen, L. (2021).


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Empirica: a virtual lab for high-throughput macro-level experiments.

Almaatouq, A., Becker, J., Houghton, J. P., Paton, N., Watts, D. J., & Whiting, M. E. (2020).

Behavioral Research Methods

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Analysis of Software Tools for Longitudinal Studies in Psychology

Kolyasnikov, P., Nikulchev, E., Belov, V., Silaeva, A., Kosenkov, A., Malykh, A., ... & Malykh, S. (2019).

International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

Doi: 10.14569/IJACSA.2019.0100804open in new window

Conducting Web-based experiments for numerical cognition research

Kochari, A. R. (2019).

Journal of Cognition

Doi: 10.5334/joc.85open in new window

A thousand studies for the price of one: Accelerating psychological science with Pushkin.

Hartshorne, J. K., de Leeuw, J. R., Goodman, N. D., Jennings, M., & O’Donnell, T. J. (2019).

Behavior Research Methods

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