Researchers that are committed to advancing their careers to the next level make the most out of Labvanced as it helps them run experiments faster, acquire more data, and, ultimately, have a higher turnover with the number of scientific papers published.


  • Boost your career: Advance professionally by increasing your research output. Get more data out of your experiments and complete them faster through Labvanced, ultimately leading to more publications which are crucial for career advancement in the academic world.

  • High experimental design standards: Your web-based experiment will have all of the design elements that you need for your study to be professional. From trials and factors to randomization and logic conditions, your design can meet high research standards.


  • Unlimited data & storage: Record and store an unlimited number of responses. From audio to visual recordings to eye-tracking data, measure multiple outputs and variables.

  • Increase your publication output: With more data, you can publish more frequently as you enjoy unlimited data capabilities for your experiment. By measuring faster, you can publish more frequently and advance your scientific career.

Relevant License Types:

  • About the Single Researcher Licenseopen in new window: 1 study with unlimited recordings (default)
    • Customizable licence: Default is to have 1 study, but you can customize this license by the i.) the number of studies you want to run in parallel, and ii.) by the duration (ex: 3 months or 1 year).
  • About the Group Licenseopen in new window: For researchers that are a part of the same lab or research team, Group Licenses are recommended as they provide unlimited uses, data recordings, and studies.