Accessing Recordings (OLD Version)

Dowloading Recordings and Specification

You can download all of the data visible in the Dataview & Export section. There are 2 format options: you can download the data as "comma separated value" (CSV file), or as "tab separated value". The latter is best suited for opening it with MS Excel or Libre Excel.

Please note: You will only download the recordings that you selected via checkbox.

You can select a recording for downloading by checking the left most checkbox of the respective recording (row) in the upper data table. A click on the uppermost checkbox will toggle (select/deselect) all recordings. Once you have selected all the data sets that you want to download, you can click on "Download Data" to start the download. In the downloaded file, the upper and lower data tables are combined to achieve a 2 dimensional representation of the data. For each trial in the lower table, the respective upper table row is appended in the downloaded file. The variables (columns) will be alphabetically sorted.

Please note that variables with a time-series data format will not be included in the downloaded file. To download the time-series data, you have to click on "Download Timeseries".

Finally, you can also download the Experiment Specification File (in JSON format), which stores all the information about your experimental setup / structure.

Unlocking and Deleting Recordings

When you record data under the free license and exceeded the data recording quota, the respective trial data will not be accessible to you. However, you can unlock this data with a purchase. To do so, first select the data sets that you want to access / purchase in the upper data table. Then, click on "Unlock Selected Recordings". A dialog box will appear where you will see how much the data-unlocking will cost you. You will have to confirm the purchase and provide your name, address, etc. during this procedure. The data will be unlocked right away and we will send you an electronic invoice within the next few days.

A last option in the data view is to delete selected data sets. First select the data sets which should be deleted and then click on "Delete Selected Data". To avoid unintentional deletion of data, there will be another dialog box to confirm the deletion process. Please be aware that deleted data cannot be recovered by Labvanced.