Requirements For Publishing


Before a study can be published, a few conditions must be met to ensure that the study is functional and can be displayed correctly upon execution. The Publishing Requirements consist of the following 3 parts:

  • Description: The Description of the study must be valid, which means that in the Description Section, users have to specify the following parts:
    • Set a publication name
    • Add at least 1 keyword (a descriptive word to help identify topics in your study)
    • Set an author or affiliation
    • Set minimum and maximum duration time
    • Generate or upload an image
  • Study Design: The study design must be valid, meaning there should be no errors such as missing references, missing variables, or duplicate names within the study design. In the future, Labvanced will provide even more feedback in this section.
  • Data Recordings: The data recordings must be enabled (and editing must be locked).

Once all publishing requirements are met, the Publishing Wizard can be started by clicking on "Review & Publish".

The Publishing Wizard

The Publishing Wizard can be used to publish the study and make it accessible for online data collection. Overall, there are several options in the Publishing Wizard, which determine how the participation works, which quotas apply, etc. Once the study is published, users can access and distribute the participation links to start the online data recordings. The publishing wizard can also be re-opened in order to make changes regarding the data collection process.