Labvanced Platform Overview

In this video, the various study features and functions of Labvanced are summarized and briefly explained.

The videos in this section of the Documentation are divided into five categories: Getting Started, Creating Tasks, Stimulus Elements, Events & Variables, and Advanced Topics. In each category, you will find videos curated to your experience with Labvanced.

Getting Started videos are intended to familiarize you with the Labvanced platform. These videos will walk you through the steps from signing up to learning how to navigate the platform.

Creating Tasks videos delve deeper into the workings of the Task Editor and the functions needed to build and publish a study.

Stimulus Elements videos each describe a specific element/object in more detail so that you can best use it in your study.

Events & Variables videos explain the trigger-action based event system that the Labvanced platform uses to execute any experimental logic.

Advanced Topics videos assist you in conceptualizing more complex designs, such as eye-tracking, multi-user, or longitudinal studies.