Our FAQ page is constantly being updated with common questions that users may have about Labvanced, including questions about study creation or general problems or troubleshooting that our users have while using the platform for study creation. We hope to provide all users with enough information to succeed in creating any type of study on our platform.

Please use the category links to navigate to groups of questions and find answers that will be most helpful for you. If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question, please contact us!


The Features section of the FAQ provides information about the basics of Labvanced as an experimental platform, including what kinds of studies can be created, as well as what features are offered.

Security & Data Privacy

The Security & Data Privacy sectionaddresses common questions about security, data storage and how we protect our participants’ privacy.


The Licensing section of the FAQ includes information about the licenses and different costs associated with them.

Precision of Labvanced

The Precision of Labvanced FAQ answers to questions regarding precision of stimulus timing and spatial presentation.

Programmatic Use and API

The Programmatic Use Section of the FAQ provides quick answers about the programmatic use of Labvanced and handling of APIs.

Using Labvanced Offline

The Using Labvanced Offline page provides a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough (with images) showing you how to install and run the offline version of Labvanced.


You can consult the troubleshooting section if you are experiencing any hurdles while creating your study on Labvanced. Here, we list commonly encountered problems that come across during experimental creation and how to fix them. Major topics include but are not limited to: tasks and trials, general implementation, running studies, using other devices, eye tracking. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions. If you experience a major issue, please contact us immediately.

Study Creation Questions

This section handles questions about study creation that are related to the implementation of certain objects, the use of events, balancing, and more. If you don't see your question there, please refer to the appropriate section of the Guide for more information.