Programmatic Use & API

My experiment is rather complex. Can I program with Labvanced?

Yes you can. Using the event system you can “visually program” an arbitrary complex logic. In particular, you can use while loops, if-else statements, you can set and read out variables, use timeouts, and much more. Watching our instructional videos will help with this process.

I want to understand more about what is “under the hood” of Labvanced, what can I do?

Please have a look at the documentation. Also, try out our video tutorial page if you prefer more visual explanations. If you still have some questions, just contact us using the live chat.

Is the Labvanced platform open source, where can I download it?

We are in the process of making Labvanced open source. When available, there will be ample documentation and information to assist all researchers with their experiments.

What is the data/file structure of studies created with Labvanced? Can I download the experiment (specification) file?

Labvanced uses the widely accepted and independent JSON format to save the experiments on our server. You can download the JSON file of each experiment on the data view page.

Does Labvanced have an API so that I can program the complete study programmatically instead of using the website editor?

We are working on it. Our final goal is to have a complete JSON-based API, by which you can then program your study only using code. The next big step in this direction will be to open source the experiment execution part of Labvanced.

Does Labvanced offer a REST API for accessing data?

Yes! You can learn more about the REST API and how to access it by reading the documentation hereopen in new window.