More Details About Description Information

The details provided in this section will be used to create a customized visual entry for your study, which is shown in the experiment library. Most of the information here is mandatory to publish the experiment.

  • Public Study Name: Determines the experiment name shown to the participants during the loading / startup of the study and the name shown in the Library (if sharing is enabled during publishing).
  • Keywords: Determines the keywords which will be associated with the study. Within the experiment library, you can filter your search based on these keywords to find experiments within your area of interests. There can be up to 10 keywords per study.
    • Main Branches: These keywords are Use Cases that categorize your study into an area(s) of psychology. It is recommended to select at least one of these areas to classify your study.
    • Keywords: These are words that describe the task(s) in your study, such as "visual perception" or "memory."
  • Affiliations: Details who is shown as the main affiliation of the study within the experiment library. Select a university from the dropdown menu, or add a custom affiliation for a company or a university that is not shown in the list.
    • Adding affiliations helps other users from your university see your study easily in the Library.
  • Minimum Duration: In order to provide an estimate of how long an experiment will take, users must provide the minimum participation duration.
  • Maximum Duration: In order to provide an estimate of how long an experiment will take, users must provide the maximum participation duration.
  • Description: (Optional) The description is an optional field in which you can write any text to introduce /advertise your study. This text will be shown during the experiment loading screen.

Best Practices in the Description Tab

It is highly recommended to follow these guidelines for the Description Tab, especially when sharing a study to the experiment Library. These tips will help you correctly describe your study so it is useful to yourself and fellow researchers.

Give your study a unique and descriptive title.

  • Correct:
    • “Colors and Letters Stroop Task”
    • “Ethical Decisions Questionnaire”
  • Incorrect:
    • “Stroop Task version 2”
    • “Experiment 1”

Use keywords appropriately.

Add the Main Branch category (type of psychology) that best matches the study. Add up to 10 keywords that help categorize the study within the main branch. It is better to add more keywords to precisely describe your study to other users of the Library.

  • Correct:
    • Title: Prisoner’s Dilemma - 2 players
      • Keywords: Behavioral Psychology + Decision Making + Example + Game Theory + Games + Intelligence + Reasoning + Multi-User
  • Incorrect:
    • Title: Prisoner’s Dilemma - 2 players
      • Keywords: Game + Attention

When adding a description to your study, be as clear as possible when explaining the rationale and design.

  • Correct:
    • Title: Psychology Studies with Labvanced
      • Description: This study will help you visualize many common psychology paradigms in Labvanced. This design includes a visual oddball task, a selective attention task, and an attentional blink task. This study can be imported and modified to meet your unique research needs.
  • Incorrect:
    • Title: Psychology Studies with Labvanced
      • Description: This is a collection of common psychology paradigms.