License Selection and Confirmation

Quota, License Selection, and Customization

On the 2nd page (or 3rd page if you selected Labvanced Crowdsourcing) of the publishing wizard, you must choose the license under which you want to publish the study. There will always be two options: 1) "Use my current license" and 2) "Upgrade my account license / get recordings." Next to the first option you will see your current study license.

Using the free license plan, you can publish 1 study for free, but you can only record up to 10 data sets plus 1 additional data set every 3 days. This means that in the first month you can record up to 20 datasets for free, but for the following months only 10 data sets for free. If you want to record more data, or if you want to publish another study, you can upgrade your account license or buy individual recordings for a single study. If you click on the respective option you can choose between our three license types: "premium," "lab/department," and "single study".

The prices shown on the selection page are valid for certain conditions / settings, which are listed below the price. If you select a license and press "next", you can customize the license features. For instance, you can adjust your student status, the time the license should be valid, your country, etc. We offer a 25% discount on licenses for students. If you prefer a complete overview you can also visit our license overview page. The final price for the license will be shown on the right side of the license customization page. You can also access license information by navigating to the My Account tab on the left sidebar of the Main Menu.

Confirm & Publish

In the case that you bought a new license or Labvanced Crowdsourcing, you will see a summary of your selections and the total amount you will have to pay. Please review this carefully. In order to publish your study on the Labvanced server you also have to confirm and accept a 3 things:

  • Accept our general terms and conditions.
  • Confirm that the uploaded content (i.e. Images, Video, Audio files) does not contain violent, sexual, or otherwise illegal content.
  • Confirm that you hold the full copyright of all used materials (i.e. Images, Video, Audio files) or that they were already part of the public domain.

When all three checkboxes are set, you can click "Publish" or "Buy and Publish" and your study will be publicly available.