Description of Tasks

A "task" is the main instance within a study, in which the content and logic are created. For example, a simple study could consist of the following tasks:

Introduction Task (Explanation of the task that the participant is expected to do)

Main Task (Interactive task with several trials)

Questionnaire Task (Questionnaire and demographics)

Debriefing Task (Feedback).



A new task can be added via the "New Task" button and can be opened/edited via the "Edit" button. You can also rename tasks via the "pen" icon, make a copy of tasks with the "copy" icon, and delete tasks using the "delete" icon. If a task gets deleted from the "Available Tasks" list, it will also be deleted from each block that it was assigned to.


In order for a task to be shown in the experiment, it must be assigned to a block. It is possible to assign one task to many different blocks or to the same block multiple times.

Copy / Import

An existing task from another study can be imported via the "Import Task" button. You can make copies of created or imported tasks within a study using the copy icon. When copying or importing tasks, you will be asked to decide for each variable used in the task whether to link (reuse) it or copy it (make a new variable). If the value of the variable in the new task should be independent from the value of the variable old task, then choose the option New (copy). In this case, a new variable will be created and you will have 2 independent variables / values. However, if the values should be the same, then choose reuse (link). Reusing variables will help to avoid variable clutter in the experiment, but copying variables can be the safer option because it keeps all values independent. In general, managing task variables properly is essential to keeping a clean experimental structure.

Step by step instructions for starting a new task:

  • Create a new task by clicking on "New Task".

  • Give the task a unique name.

  • Choose to start with a canvas frame (for free design) or a page frame (for a static questionnaire), then confirm with "Ok".

  • Assign the task to a block in the "Blocks" column via the "Add Task" button.

  • Use Drag & Drop to adjust the order of the task within the block.

  • Tasks are sortable within the Task column. Click and hold down on a task to drag and drop it to a new position in the column.

  • Open the task in the task editor via "Edit" button.