Getting Started in Labvanced

The videos on this page will give you an overview of the Labvanced platform. They are ordered in such a way as to walk you through the steps of learning Labvanced, from signing up to learning the main tabs of the application.

This video introduces the Landing Page, which is where you can sign up for Labvanced and request a support call.

After utilizing the information on the Landing Page, begin learning Labvanced with individual onboarding checklists on the Dashboard.

This video describes the properties, browsers, and unique features of studies as shown in the Study Settings tab.

This video gives an overview of the Task Editor tab.

This video describes the best practices for working in the Task Editor.

This video is a tutorial on how to create a new study and how the Study Design tab works, including setting up tasks, blocks, sessions, and groups.

This video explains the Files tab. This is where participant recordings will be stored after data collection.

This video explains the Sharing tab. This is different from sharing a study to the Experiment Library!

This video describes the features of the Publish & Record tab and how to publish a study.

In this video, learn how to inspect, clean, and download your data in the Dataview & Export tab.

This video explains the Public Experiment Library, which is a useful resource for getting started as well as collaborating with other researchers.