What is the Landing Page?

The first page of any website is generally referred to as the “landing page,” because this is where you “land” when first accessing the site. These pages are designed in a variety of ways, but we have tailored our pageopen in new window to provide as much information as possible.

How do I access the content?

If you’ve never scrolled to the bottom of our pages, now is the time!

The landing page has a large amount of content, all designed to put the power of Labvanced at your fingertips. Simply scroll down to see more than you’ve ever seen before!


The first section of our page lists some data referring to the number of universities and individual projects that we serve. We also list several prominent universities that have trusted Labvanced for their studies.

Meet an Expert

This is a new feature as of September 2022: you can now request a meeting with a Labvanced representative right from the landing page! These meetings are completely free to all users and will last up to 20 minutes in length. A pop-up window will prompt you to send us more information about your question(s) and how we can best contact you.

Ask an expert for a free webinarFig. 1: Using this easy system, you can send us some information to request a free call with one of our support experts.

What is Labvanced? Informational Blocks

Work your way through ten different blocks, each describing key aspects of Labvanced. Think of these blocks as the most powerful features explained in a paragraph or less.

Blocks describing our most powerful featuresFig 2: Clicking through these blocks will provide helpful information.

Labvanced in 2 Minutes

Prefer your information in a video format? This quick animation will walk you through our platform piece by piece using animations and voice-over.


Hear what others have to say about our platform! Here, we feature three researchers’ thoughts about the platform.

testimonialsFig. 3: A testimonial from Dr. Malte Woestmann.

Use Cases

If you’re not sure whether Labvanced is a good fit for your project, check out descriptions pertaining to three different use cases: students, independent researchers, and research groups.

Know which category you fall into, but not your area of psychology? We have information about that, too! Click on each branch of psychology to learn more about what these researchers study.

Customer Support

There are four easy ways to get in touch with the support team: the Live Chat, email, Discord, or by requesting a webinar. Our support team has excellent reviews and we are always happy to assist you!

Click the “Get in Touch” button to send us a message through the website.

support buttonFig. 4: Clicking this button will allow you to send us a message requesting support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided the answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about Labvanced. The answers also contain links to pages that will provide you with even more information about the platform.

Let’s Get Started!

After scrolling to the bottom of the page, you have accessed a large amount of great information. It’s time to start building your experiment using the knowledge you have gained and a sample of the support that we provide, all for free!

Welcome to Labvanced!