Adding Information to the Description Tab

In the "Description" section, users can make adjustments which will determine how the study will look in the experiment library. Filling out this information is required before an experiment can be published. We recommend including as much detail as possible in the Description section so that others can understand your research purpose.


It is our recommendation that every study has these descriptive elements. Here is why they are important:

  • A public study name: This name is different from the title that you see on the My Studies page. The public name is the title of the study that participants and other users will see.
  • Keywords: Add up to 10 keywords that best describe your study, including the area of psychology that this study falls under. We recommend using all ten slots, if applicable.
  • Affiliations: Add an affiliation, such as a university or company. This can be used to help other users from your organization find your study quickly in the Library.
  • Duration: Adding a minimum and maximum duration helps participants know how much time is needed for your study. They can set aside time to be free of distractions.
  • Description: A few sentences describing your study is crucial to helping fellow researchers understand your purpose and methods.
  • References: Adding references to your study helps other researchers access the body of work that inspired your design. This is necessary for open science and appropriate citation practices.

These concepts are summarized in this video:

At Labvanced, we are committed to open science and the sharing of resources. We encourage users to share their studies appropriately to the Experiment Library so that our community of researchers can work together and benefit. In an interview with one of our prominent researchers, this philosophy was summarized nicely:

"Raise an open science mind!" - Dr. Giulia Calignano

The following pages explain more about the Description tab.