Recruiting and Crowdsourcing

Recruiting Options and Participant Requirements

The recruitment options determine which channels are used to recruit participants for your study. Users can opt to password-protect their study, but by default this option is disabled. If you enable the password protection, you have to set a password for your study and inform your participants. When a participant opens the link to your study, they will need to enter the correct password to be able to start your experiment.

Labvanced distinguishes 4 possible ways to recruit subjects: Custom participation, Own Crowdsourcing, Labvanced Library, and Labvanced Crowdsourcing. When choosing a password protected study, the latter two options (Labvanced Library and Labvanced Crowdsourcing) won't be available, as they are public. Here is a list of the four available options and how they work:

  • Custom participation: This option is always available and means that you will get a custom link to your study. You can even generate individual links for different subjects, sessions and groups (see "Participation Links" in the "After Publishing" section for more information).
  • Own Crowdsourcing: This option is also always available and means that you can use your own Crowdsourcing account(s), such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, Profilic, or Clickworker, to recruit participants. Please see the "Participant Recruitment" page to find out how to do Crowdsourcing with mTurk and Prolific. If you have more questions (e.g how to use other Crowdsourcing platforms), please feel free to contact us.
  • Offline Version: This option allows the study to be accessed offline. This option must be checked in the online platform before starting the process of downloading a study for offline use!
  • Labvanced Library: This is an optional way to recruit participants that can be selected in addition to the other choices. If this option is enabled, your study will be listed in the Labvanced experiment library and all visitors of the library will be able to participate in your study.
    • Sharing Options will become visible when Labvanced Library is selected:
      • Template Sharing: A "template" is a study that can be downloaded and edited by a user other than the author. Changes that the user makes will not be seen by nor will affect the study in the original author's account. Choose from these options:
        • Template available to everyone: All users can download this study and use it as a template.
        • Share with individual permissions: Users must request permission from the author before downloading the study as a template.
        • Don't share and no request possible: The study can be viewed in the library, but cannot be requested for download.
      • Open Access View: Choose how many aspects of your study can be visible to other users in the library:
        • Open access design and data: Users are able to see the study design and the data being collected.
        • Open access design only: Users can inspect the study design.
        • No access: Users cannot see the study design or data collected.
    • Researchers can choose any combination of the options above when sharing their study to the Labvanced Library as a way to recruit participants. For example:
      • A study with options "Don't share and no request possible" plus "Open access design and data" means that the study cannot be downloaded from the library, but the study design and data collected are visible to all visitors of the library. Users are able to participate in the study as well.
  • Labvanced Crowdsourcing: This is another optional way to recruit participants. If this option is enabled, Labvanced will recruit subjects for you using different Crowdsourcing platforms. You will also have the possibility to specify how may subjects you want us to recruit for you and how much compensation you want to pay per subject. More details are in the Crowdsourcing section.

Besides the recruiting options, the first screen of the publishing wizard will also show the participant (demographic) requirements. The information you will see here is based on the demographic group settings you specified in the Study Design tab. This information is mostly relevant if you want to use Labvanced Crowdsourcing, as demographically customized participants are more expensive to recruit compared to when no demographic requirements are made.


The Crowdsouring section will only show up if "Labvanced Crowdsourcing" has been selected (You want Labvanced to recruit participants for you). Here you can detail the following settings:

  • Number of Crowdsourcing Participants: Please choose here how many subjects you want us to recruit for you.
  • Payment per Participant: Please choose here how much money you want to spend per participant. There is a minimum based on the time duration of your study. Fees will be deducted from this amount.
  • Set maximum duration (true/ false): If this option if selected you an specify a time when the Crowdsourcing should be completed / disabled. The minimum time span here is 14 days.
  • Accept terms and conditions (true /false): In order to use / purchase Labvanced Crowdsourcing, you have to accept our terms and conditions.

When you select Labvanced Crowdsourcing, you will receive a separate invoice in which everything you selected here is listed and explained again and more details are provided. Typically 24 hours after we received your transaction, we will start the Crowdsourcing process. Depending on the demographic criteria and the reward per subject, we will be able to recruit a few dozens up to several thousand subjects per day.


The address section will only show if you either purchased Labvanced Crowdsourcing or if you bought a new license or recordings. The address will then be used to write you the respective invoice. Please fill out all of the required fields.